Eye Examinations

See the same optician every time you visit us
Our eye examination appointments are usually scheduled for 1 hour, to allow us the necessary time to address your individual requirements, checking your vision, calculating your exact prescription requirements and examining the health aspect of your eyes. We can then discuss the results, advise on the required lenses needed or deal with any onward referral, if this is necessary.

If spectacles are required, not only can we give you the advice about the best lenses for your needs, but also help you choose your new frames.

Eye examinations are a very important part of monitoring your general health, as diseases related to high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, hyperthyroid and arthritis can be detected through your eyes. Ocular conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration are usually first diagnosed from a routine eye examination. Early detection and treatment will reduce the overall effect on your eyesight.

All eye examination and Minor Eye Condition Service (MECS) appointments are carried out by Martyn Allen. We do not bring in locums or agency optometrists like other practices do, so you can be guaranteed continuation with the same optician at every visit. This is something that I have been told many times over the years is the benefit of using an independent opticians rather than a large high street chain.

We are a fully registered NHS practice, so those people who are eligible for FREE NHS funded appointments or help with their costs can be seen here. People who are not eligible, will be seen as a private client. Our current eye examination fee is £21.

The following people are eligible for NHS eye examinations:

Annually: Children under 16, Glaucoma patients, Diabetics, Over 70 year old, Over 40 with immediate family history of glaucoma.

Two yearly: Students aged 16-18, Adults 60-69 years, HC2/HC3 certificate holders, Complex lens patients (over +/-10D)
People * receiving benefits ( Universal Credit, Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Employment & Support Allowance, Guaranteed Pension Credits, NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate holders)

*If you are the husband/wife/live-in partner of someone on these benefits, you can claim help with costs too.

If you are unsure, please phone us on 0161 425 4824 to check.

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