Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS)

Providing assessment and treatment for people with recently occurring minor eye conditions
At Martyn Allen Opticians, we are MECS accredited, and are regularly required to see patients on behalf of local GP’s and pharmacists, who present with recent onset eye problems.

The minor eye conditions that can be treated by the service include:

  • Red eyes or eyelids
  • Dry, gritty, uncomfortable eyes
  • Irritation and inflammation of the eye
  • Significant and recent sticky discharge from the eye or watery eye problems
  • Recently occurring flashes and floaters
  • Painful eyes
  • Ingrowing eyelashes
  • Recent and sudden loss of vision
  • Foreign body in the eye


Who is the service for?
The service is available for all people registered with a local GP in Radcliffe, Bury, Heywood, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside and Glossop. It is for people of all ages – adults and children. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


How do I book an appointment for MECS?
You can contact the practice directly (self referral) by telephoning 0161 425 4824 to make an appointment. Please specify that you may require the MECS service, as our receptionist will need to ask you certain questions about your symptoms to know how urgently to book you in.

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you will be offered an appointment within 24 hours, or 5 days in cases that are non-urgent. You may be advised over the telephone if the condition is minor. If we are unable to see you, we can arrange you an appointment at another MECS practice in the area.


What will happen at my appointment?
The optometrist will discuss your eye history and the symptoms you are experiencing. You will receive an eye assessment, advice and treatment appropriate to your symptoms. You may need a follow-up appointment, and if so, this will be booked at the end of the appointment.

If the condition is more serious, you may need referring to see an ophthalmologist at the hospital. This may be straight away or routine, depending on the urgency

Please bring your current spectacles to your appointment, and a list of your current medication. We may need to use drops to dilate your pupils in order to examine the inside of the eye more thoroughly. You should not drive until the drops have worn off, which might be a few hours.

Please note: There is no charge for a MECS appointment. This is not the same as a normal eye examination, so we will NOT be assessing your vision with the intention of supplying new spectacles. If your problems are related to sight issues to do with your spectacles, then inform the receptionist, as you are more likely to benefit from an eye examination rather than a MECS appointment.

Following your MECS appointment, you will be asked to complete a very quick survey about yourself and the service you received. This allows ourselves and the NHS to ensure MECS is being used effectively so we can continue to improve the Minor Eye Conditions Service for the future.

Contact Information

Martyn Allen Opticians
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0161 425 4824

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